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    This group is for anyone who is looking for a relationship.
    led by Addie

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    The Freaks That Refused To Die

    For anyone from Vf
    led by Hans

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    Rock music

    A place for Rock music lovers
    led by Hans

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    Creative Writing

    Mostly just trying out this group creation feature to see how it works.
    I guess this could be a group for showing off your character biographies, creative writing skills or just challenging each other to little writing exercises, such as writing a small...  more
    led by shadowess

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    I've got questions about this new website?

    I only noticed this morning, how long has this website been running for?
    Is this the new place to go, after vf shutdown? What have you got to offer here? Any cool goth groups? Could this place be a place for my animé friends to join. Could we share...  more
    led by Terra Esper